Our History

Railroad Excellence Since 1994

Established in 1994 by Charles “Chuck” Smith and Nancy Pointer, our journey began with a singular focus - rail expansion projects. Initially, we served the Port of New Orleans with rail construction and rehabilitation services. In 2001, Chuck Smith assumed full ownership, solidifying our commitment to quality and safety.

Over nearly three decades, we've transformed from a local entity to a regional force. Our scope expanded to include maintenance services for industrial facilities stretching from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. Driven by a commitment to trustworthiness and a no-frills approach, we've ventured beyond our local footprint. Today, we proudly serve the Class 1, Short Line Railroads, Industrial and Port Facilities throughout the Southeastern United States, standing as a beacon of reliability.


A modern Rail Corporation

Dedication has been the cornerstone of our journey. We've built a reputation grounded in safety, quality, and productivity. In 2023, we embraced a new chapter, joining forces with Andrew Wilson of Wilson Rail Services, while remaining steadfast in our core values.

At Pointer Smith Contracting Corporation, excellence is not just a goal; it's our tradition. Our unwavering commitment to safety and dedicated service is your assurance of trustworthy partnership.

Excellence is not just a goal - it's our tradition.

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Safety First,
Service Always

Our unwavering commitment to safety is our core value. With nearly three decades of experience and a stellar track record, we set the industry standard in rail excellence. Our FRA-trained track inspectors proactively identify issues, ensuring smooth operations and safeguarding your investment. We're your trusted partner, delivering precision, innovation, and cost-efficiency while navigating the challenges of the railroad industry.

With a rich history spanning nearly three decades, Pointer Smith Contracting Corporation has established itself as a leading name in rail construction and maintenance throughout the Southeastern U.S. Our portfolio includes successful projects for Class 1 Railroads, Short Line Railroads, Port Authorities, and Industrial markets.

Whether you require new track construction, storage yards, siding tracks, crane rails, rail scales, or grade crossings, we offer both Bid-Build and Design-Build solutions tailored to meet your unique project needs. Our commitment to excellence ensures the highest standards of workmanship in the railroad industry.

Our dedicated maintenance group is available 24/7, equipped with FRA-trained track inspectors who identify issues before they disrupt operations. We collaborate with clients to develop maintenance plans that focus on immediate corrections and long-term strategies, helping to minimize emergencies and budget overruns.

Our impressive project portfolio includes collaborations with renowned organizations such as the Army Corps of Engineers and numerous Port Facilities across the Gulf Coast, Short Line Rail Organizations, Class 1 railroads, Transit Authorities, and Industrial facilities throughout the region. These partnerships underscore our commitment to quality and reliability.


Rail Construction

Extensive rail expertise in the Southeast U.S. for Class 1, Short Line, Port, and Industrial markets. Tailored Bid-Build & Design-Build solutions ensure top-tier workmanship and a commitment to safety.


Our dedicated maintenance group is ready to respond to your needs 24/7. Our FRA trained track inspectors can identify failure points before they happen to keep your operation running safely and efficiently

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